Jasper visits with his family

It was so great to see Jasper Chiu and Soo Piing again (both former students) and introduce me to their beautiful son.  Keep in touch guys.

26 April 2019

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What’s the buzz around propolis?

A question a lot of people wanted to know that answer to it seems and my elective group did a great job explaining this as the winners of the People’s Choice Award at the PHCY470 Elective Study Research Symposium on 5 October 2018. Congratulations on a great effort – let’s get the paper published now!


2018 McDowell Research Elective Group: L to R Devon Crooks, Nina Pham, Xin Er Tan, Sophie Scott and Chloe Battersby. Photo by Joseph Kim.


Thanks to Shane Bocock for the initial question to start the project.