Pharmaceutics Special Issue on Veterinary Medicine

Submissions are open!

Drug delivery to animals for prevention and treatment of disease, fertility modulation, as well as pest control, is a fascinating field of research that benefits from an inter-disciplinary approach. The aim in compiling this Special Issue of Pharmaceutics on the topic of “Veterinary Medicine” is to draw together experts with knowledge of animal species from diverse fields including physiology, pharmacology and pharmaceutical science and zoology, who are engaged in contemporary research to solve the challenges of drug delivery to animals. 

Submissions (original papers and reviews) that contribute to understanding and applications of relevance for delivery of therapeutics to animals and animal health are welcomed for this Special Issue.  Please get in touch if you would like to contribute.

Dr Arlene McDowell
Guest Editor

University of Otago graduations

Graduation is pretty special at Otago – there is an academic procession down the main street of Dunedin to the Town Hall where the graduation (or capping) ceremony takes place.  It a great even where many people line the streets to congratulate the graduands.

The School of Pharmacy re-initiated the academic procession and so we lead the march down George Street to the Town Hall.


These cuties

Version 2

Our group has been using these cuties in our latest work on antioxidants.  It is the zebrafish – a very useful model species.  Isabella used them in her work and we have given a few conference talks on the topic – a paper to follow.