Selected publications

Journal articles

Ou Z-Q, Rades T and McDowell A (2015). Anti-ageing effects of puha (Sonchus oleraceus L.) leaf extracts on H2O2-induced cell senescence. Molecules Special Issue Phytochemicals: Biosynthesis, metabolism and biological activities 20: 4548-4564

Rooney JS, McDowell A, Strachan CJ and Gordon KC (2015). Evaluation of vibrational spectroscopic methods to identify and quantify multiple adulterants in herbal medicines. Talanta 138: 77-85

Chiu JZS, Tucker IG, McLeod BJ and McDowell A (2015). Arginine-tagging of polymeric nanoparticles via histidine to improve cellular uptake. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 89: 48-55

Bobbala S, McDowell A and Hook SM (2015). Quantitation of immunological adjuvants monophosphoryl lipid A and Quil A in poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles using high performance liquid chromatography with evaporative light scattering detection. Journal of Chromatography B 975: 45-51

McDowell A, Fothergill JA, Khan A and Medlicott NJ and (2014). A cyclodextrin formulation to improve use of the anaesthetic tribromoethanol (Avertin®). Theme Issue of the Journal of Pharmacy and BioAllied Sciences 6: 16-21

Ou Z-Q, Schmierer DJ, Rades T, Larsen, L and McDowell A (2013). Application of an online post-column derivatization HPLC-DPPH assay to detect compounds responsible for antioxidant activity in Sonchus oleraceus L. leaf extracts. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 65: 271-279

McDowell A, Thompson S, Stark M, Ou Z-Q and Gould KS (2011). The antioxidant activity of puha (Sonchus oleraceus L.) as assessed by the cellular antioxidant activity (CAA) assay. Phytotherapy Research 25: 1876-1882

McDowell A, Assink L, Musgrave R, Soper H, Williams C and Norris P (2011). Veterinary prescribing and dispensing processes in the community setting with respect to pharmacists. Pharmacy Practice 9: 23-30

Kafka AP, McLeod BJ, Rades T, McDowell A (2011). Release and bioactivity of PACA nanoparticles containing D-Lys6- GnRH for brushtail possum fertility control. Journal of Controlled Release 149: 307-311

Kafka AP, Kleffmann T, Rades T and McDowell A (2010). Characterisation of peptide polymer interactions in poly(alkylcyanoacrylate) nanoparticles: A mass spectrometric approach. Current Drug Delivery 7: 208-215

Kafka AP, Kleffmann T, Rades T and McDowell A (2010). Rapid and specific high-performance liquid chromatography for the in vitro quantification of D-Lys6-GnRH in a microemulsion-type formulation in the presence of peptide oxidation products. Biomedical Chromatography 24: 132-139

Kafka AP, Kleffmann T, Rades T and McDowell A (2009). The use of MALDI TOF mass spectrometry to identify co- polymerization in PACA nanoparticles. Molecular Pharmaceutics 6: 1483–1491

Krittaphol W, McDowell A, Thomson CD, Tucker IG, Fawcett JP and Mikov M (2009). An improved HPLC method for the determination of L-selenomethionine in rat gut contents. Biomedical Chromatography 23: 1169-1174

Graf A, McDowell A and Rades T (2009). Poly(alkycyanoacrylate) nanoparticles for enhanced delivery of therapeutics – is there real potential? Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery 6:371-387

McDowell A and McLeod BJ (2007). Physiology of the brushtail possum gastrointestinal tract: Relationship to the human gastrointestinal tract. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 59: 1121-1132

McDowell A, McLeod BJ, Rades T and Tucker, IG (2006). Application of pharmaceutical drug delivery for biological control of the common brushtail possum in New Zealand: a review. Wildlife Research 33(8): 679-689

McDowell A, McLeod BJ, Thompson EG and Tucker IG (2005). A morphometric study of the gastrointestinal tract of the common brushtail possum in southern New Zealand. Australian Mammalogy 27: 61-67

Book Chapters

McDowell A (2012). Delivery systems for wildlife. In Long Acting Animal Health Products: Fundamentals and Applications. A. McDowell and M. Rathbone (eds). Springer Advances in Delivery Science and Technology Series. Springer, New York, pp 345-358

McDowell A and Medlicott NJ (2011). Anatomy, physiology and pharmacokinetics of the injection/implant site. In Long acting injections and implants. J.C. Wright and D.J. Burgess (eds). Springer, New York, pp 57-71

Conference presentations

McDowell A, Chiu JZS and Tucker IG (2014). Cell penetrating peptides – is charge important for improved uptake of nanoparticles? 41th Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Controlled Release Society, Chicago, USA

Bobbala S, Tamboli V, Young K, McDowell A, Mitra A and Hook SM (2014). Novel injectable pentablock copolymer-based thermoresponsive hydrogels for sustained vaccine delivery. 5th FIP Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress, Melbourne, Australia

Kaneko K, McDowell A, Ishii Y and Hook SM (2014). Quantitation of α-Galactosylceramide incorporation in liposomes using LC-MS/MS. 5th FIP Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress, Melbourne, Australia

Morely J, van Heezik Y, McDowell A, McLeod, BJ and Hassall M (2013). What are the nutritional drivers of foraging strategies in common brushtail possums in New Zealand? 5th joint conference of New Zealand Ecological Society and Ecological Society of Australia, Auckland, New Zealand

Chiu JZS, Tucker IG, McLeod BJ and McDowell A (2013). Enhancing cellular uptake of poly(ethyl-cyanoacrylate) nanoparticles through arginine association. 40th Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Controlled Release Society, Honolulu, Hawaii

Ou Z-Q, Schmierer D, McDowell A and Rades T (2012). Effect of post-harvest drying and storage conditions on antioxidant phytochemicals in Puha (Sonchus oleraceus L.) leaf extracts. American Association of Pharmaceutical Science, Chicago, USA

Kafka AP, Rades T and McDowell A (2009). Modifications of peptide bioactives in PACA nanoparticles identified using MALDI TOF/TOF MS. American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Conference, Los Angeles, USA

McDowell A, Kafka AP, McLeod BJ and Rades T (2009). Formulation polymeric nanoparticles for oral delivery of D-Lys6- GnRH to the common brushtail possum in New Zealand. Proceedings of the 22nd Australasian Wildlife Management Society Conference, Napier, New Zealand


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