Alisa Goutach

College: Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany


Co-supervisor: Sarah Streck

Project title: Uptake of nanoparticles decorated with cell penetrating peptides




Project description:

Nanoparticle drug carriers decorated with cell penetrating peptides is an elegant and modern formulation approach to improve drug delivery. However, the uptake mechanisms at human biomembranes is not well understood. Is there a difference in cellular uptake of cell penetrating peptides with different molecular architecture? Using microfluidics techniques to produce nanoparticles of uniform size is a suitable tool to understand structural differences on the surface of nanoparticles due to decoration with cell penetrating peptides.

The main aim of this project is to gain understanding of cellular and molecular uptake mechanisms of cell penetrating peptide decorated PLGA-nanoparticles using in vitro models like CaCo-2 cells.